I couldn't think of a title for this post that didn't sound too strange or vampiric, so I shall just leave it blank.

Tonight was the first truly warm evening of 2012. Despite not having a true Winter of snow and cold temperatures, it's still nice to feel a warm breeze with the smell of Spring on it. Whenever this happens, I usually feel a strong pull to just be outside. There's something about warm evenings and warm nights that just call to me. Spring and Summer are my preferred seasons mostly because of this.
There's just something so peaceful about sitting in a quite spot in the moonlight or starlight and feeling warm night air wrapped around you like a blanket.  A warm breeze also makes it even better. That's why I love being at the ocean at night in the summer. There's always a breeze because of the vastly different temperatures of land and sea, so you can walk or sit on a deck and just feel the breeze.

Does anyone else share these sentiments?