The weather, being social, and slow alleviation of class work/stress has put me in a rather bouncy, happy mood. So I have some observations I'd like to relate while they are on my mind.

1.) I have noticed the senior walk-and-talk a lot lately. It goes like this:
-A senior sees someone in passing
-Greeting and conversation ensue
-All relevant details are relayed as quickly as possible
(sometimes the senior converses without a pause in the walking)
-The senior then finishes talking while walking away, sometimes without true words of parting.

This can be true for juniors and underclassmen as well, but seniors tend to do this even if they are on their way to sit in their apartment and surf the internet as a break.

2.) I had a small breakthrough with my senior project. My task was to figure out how to create images in my choice between 2 software packages, figure out how to label them and then remind myself how to code images into my project. I am a Mathematics major and we do not write our projects in Microsoft Word or some other comparable word processing software. Instead we must code our stuff into a document markup program entitled LaTeX. We also use Mathematica for calculation and, at times, images. I have spent weeks dreading how difficult it would be to code a picture I need properly so that Mathematica will return it to me, and then label it. Fortunately, after 30 minutes of searching through help pages, I discovered that Mathematica has a tool to place text on things. Now I don't have to repeat lines of code over and over again so that my project can have a wealth of visual examples.

3.) I am continually reminded that I do in fact love Pittsburgh, my home city. Tonight they had "Pittsburgh sandwiches" at the one dining hall, which are really imitation Primanti Bros. sandwiches, but they make me happy nonetheless. If I were to find a job around Pittsburgh, I would definitely be happy with that, I just would like to be more choosy about where around Pittsburgh I would live. A suburb with no side walks, very little to do in walking distance, and situated in just the right location to not truly be serviced by public transportation is not my cup of tea, regardless of where I'm living.

I had a 4.) but I have forgotten in typing the others.

Until next time!